It is a set of resources and services designed to provide former players with the support, skills and tools to help ensure success in life after football. We chose “The Trust” as the name of the program to convey what our core values are and what we stand for. We are here to serve players and earn their trust through continued interaction, relationship building, and feedback.

Discussions with players led the NFLPA to the decision to aggregate resources and create a set of programs for support – thus The Trust was developed. The name “The Trust” implies a sense of belonging – a tight-knit group of which a player is already a member. The name also aims to convey importance and exclusivity – “The” implies that it’s the one and only. 

The Trust operates as a team, with each player’s success being the sole measure of our success, individually and collectively. We empower players to take charge of their health, careers, finances, education and growth. We find solutions not excuses. We work with players to develop their game plans and welcome their feedback along every step of the way.

All players with two or more credited seasons are eligible for The Trust. If a player has less than two credited seasons, please contact The Trust staff to determine what resources the NFLPA or NFL can be provide.

For the Brain & Body Assessment, The Trust has partnered with University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Brain and Body Health Program; Tulane University and Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine; Cleveland Clinic (locations in Ohio, Florida, Nevada and Hoag Institute of Neuroscience in California) and the Massachusetts General Hospital Brain and Body Program.

For Career services, we have partnered with AthLife and Lee Hecht Harrison.

For Business/Entrpreneurial services, we have partnered with Babson and Score.

For Fitness & Nutrition services, our partners are EXOS and The YMCA.

For Financial services, we have partnered with Financial Finesse and Hillard Heintze.

The Gameplan is an overall, customized plan for success – it will give the player the best sense of where he is, where he should be and how to get there. Once the player completes enrollment, his Gameplan will be initiated. The Gameplan is a combination of input from the player, the partners and The Trust staff. Each service is designed as a “key” to success for each player’s attainment.

The Trust has partnered with leading health providers around the country to provide brain and body evaluations. The Trust staff will assist players in scheduling evaluations at the facility closest to their homes.

All travel cost are paid for by The Trust, including accommodations, transportation and meals.

Our website is the best source of information available to players, including information about our resources, our partners and video testimonials. Social media interaction, articles, webinars, descriptions of resources, and other online tools can be accessed through the website.

The Trust holds events throughout the year to engage with former and recently transitioned players. These events offer an opportunity for players to learn more about The Trust, as well as reconnect and network with their peers and Trust partners. Click here to see all of our upcoming events: http://playerstrust.com/events.

The Trust does not replace the NFLPA Former Players department, existing benefits or the Professional Athletes Foundation. It is intended to support and enhance the benefits already provided to former players by the NFLPA.

The funding was negotiated in the most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFLPA and the league.

Call Toll Free: (866) 725-0063– to get in touch with a staff member of The Trust and they will be able to refer you to the appropriate resources. You can also contact us via the website or send us an email to info@playerstrust.com.