Disaster Relief

How Can I Help Others?
  • Check on neighbors.
  • Leverage your social media network. Consider retweeting this post from FEMA to amplify their message.
How Can I Receive Help?

  • The Red Cross is encouraging people to list themselves and their families as safe at Safe and Well, where you can also search for anyone who is missing.


For a more detailed description of relief resources available through the State Bar of Texas, please visit Texasbar.com/disasters (resources below from the State Bar of Texas webpage).

“The State Bar of Texas legal hotline — (800) 504-7030 — helps people find answers to basic legal questions and connects them with local legal aid providers following declared disasters.

Hurricane Harvey – August 2017

Shelters are open across the affected and surrounding areas. You can download the Federal Emergency Management Agency's mobile app for shelter information, weather alerts, and safety tips. The app is available in English and Spanish and provides directions to open shelters, survival tips, and weather alerts from the National Weather Service.

Airbnb, is offering Hurricane Harvey survivors, as well as relief workers and volunteers, short-term lodging with Airbnb hosts free of charge. The disaster relief program was activated in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Anyone looking for a place to stay should click here. Airbnb hosts in those designated areas can offer their properties free of charge by clicking here.

Attorney General Ken Paxton warns Texans that state law prohibits price gouging in the wake of a declared disaster. The AG’s office advises: If you feel that you are being unfairly charged for goods or services such as drinking water, food, batteries, generators gasoline or towing, raise the issue of price gouging with the provider. Speak to the provider respectfully but be frank. If you are unable to resolve the matter, file a complaint with the office.

Law on Certain Insurance Claims Changes September 1 

Texas property owners should be aware that a bill passed during the latest Texas legislative session changes the law as it applies to lawsuits relating to certain property insurance claims, including property damage and loss caused by natural disasters.

The new law, House Bill 1774, applies to insurance claims and lawsuits filed on or after September 1, 2017. It requires certain pre-lawsuit notices by property owners, changes the amount of interest payable on claims that are determined to be underpaid or paid late, and may affect the amount of attorneys’ fees recoverable in a lawsuit.

Property owners should consult an attorney to determine whether and how this change in the law may affect them. If you need an attorney, call the State Bar's Lawyer Referral and Information Service at 800-252-9690. . . . ”