First Game Memories

Michael Montgomery


On His First NFL Memory:

I went through a week-and-a-half of training as a 6th round draft pick with the team. We were playing at home against the San Diego Chargers in the first game of the preseason, and they played the starters and second-stringers through the 3rd quarter. The fourth quarter began and I ran on the field to start as the defensive end, It’s my time to shine. The scores were really close leading in, and there was a familiar opponent I played against in college that was drafted by other team, Darren Sproles of Kansas State. I had a great game against him in college and was attempting to repeat it in the pros. I was all over the place, jumping over people to tackle Sproles, chasing down the quarterback for the game-winning sack. I finished second the team in tackles with 2 sacks. Not bad for my debut.