Super Bowl Memories

Shante Carver


I played in the Super Bowl XXX with the Dallas Cowboys at Sun Devil stadium. I’m a Sun Devile so it was extra special being able to play in my college home stadium.

 I remember walking from the locker room to the stadium, and thinking how lucky I was to be able to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing pro football. It was like my whole like in football flashed in front of me. All the hard work I put into playing football as a kid. Walking to practice with my pads, going through two-a-days in 100+ degree weather. Dreaming of one day playing professional football and winning a Super Bowl rind. My childhood wish was no longer a dream. I made it. Now I had to go out and help my team win in order to reach that goal. Because there is nothing worse than losing a Super Bowl. It’s just too hard to get there to lose. That’s when the dream becomes a nightmare. That’s all that was on my mind. Do your job and play as hard as you can every play.

My most memorable plays of the game happened in the third quarter I think. It was 3rd and 3 at their 45. The game had changed from us controlling the game, then they got the momentum and were only down by 6 points. So this is a big 3rd down play. They came out with the Tight End to my side. Usually, as a Defensive End, you would play a 9 tech on the TE, but we were not worried about Bam going outside, he’s a banger inside the tackle type of runner. So the coaches called a defense that put me in a 7 tech, which is inside of the Tight End. With this defense we want the RB to have nowhere to go inside.

So they do exactly what we thought they would do. Run the ball between the tackles. It didn’t work. The RB tried to bounce it inside, but I had kicked the TE’s butt by putting him three yards in the backfield and making the tackle for no gain (maybe even a loss), making it fourth and two. They tried to run the same play again and we were all over it. Wasn’t even close. Then our offense got the ball and scored to give us a comfortable lead.

The game was closer than the score would show in the end. But who knows what would have happened if they got that first down. My dream would have become nightmare that would have stayed with me the rest of my life. I’m very thankful and very lucky to have been able to play football at the highest level of competition you’re able to play.