Mental Health Support for Spouse and Family

man looking anxiousThe lives of the family members of NFL players can be like those of the players themselves: exciting but also stressful and hectic and filled with changes. As a family member, or friend, of a former NFL player, you know that life in the game can have its ups and downs — and that doesn't change when your loved one transitions out of the league.

Life transitions can affect the athlete's family and friends as well as the athlete himself in a number of ways:

  • Relationship or family problems
  • Feeling like life is overwhelming
  • Physical illness or injury
  • Substance abuse or addiction
  • Difficulty transitioning to life after football or other career transition problems
  • Abuse or violence
  • Economic or job-related problems
  • Isolation

Whether you are in distress, crisis or if you're concerned about someone in the NFL family support is here for you. Learn more and get assistance by contacting the following resources.

The Trust (Powered By the NFLPA)


Professional Athletes Foundation

800.372.2000 –

NFL Lifeline

800.506.0078 –

NFLPA/PAF/TRUST Get Help Hotline


NFL Players Assistance and Counseling Program


NFL Player Care Foundation

500.635.4625 –