Brain & Body Assessment

The Brain & Body Assessment is a set of screenings and tests designed for the former player who has played in the league in the past 15 years. Brain & Body Assessments are provided by several leading health institutions located all around the country. The Trust has assembled a team of highly regarded medical centers. Each has direct experience in treating NFL players and is committed to helping them develop and maintain a healthy brain and body.

Each partner will also provide a recommendation containing a plan of action that each player can follow in his home community.

Brain and Body Partners provide a thorough mental (cognitive, social-emotional) and full body physical health assessment.

The Brain and Body health assessment may include:

• Internal Medicine Evaluation

Neurological Evaluation

Neuropsychological/Behavioral Health Evaluation

Sleep Evaluation

Musculoskeletal/Rehabilitation Evaluation

Physical Therapy Assessment

Body Composition Evaluation/Dietary Consultation

Cardiovascular Evaluation (if appropriate)

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