Scholarship FAQs

The Trust Scholarship can be used for tuition and fees, only, for qualified programs.

Qualifying Programs are generally those programs for which the prospective scholarship recipient is:

qualifying programs chart

If the online program is exclusively conducted by an institution which does not have a physical location where students attend classes – no, the program would not qualify. If the institution does have a physical location where students attend classes, but the institution also offers online programs – the program may qualify ONLY if it meets the other criteria set forth in Question 2.

Visit the Application Schedule to find the dates of upcoming scholarship application periods.

Please submit your essay responses within the online application.

Select the “Forget Password” link in the login box. This will prompt you to enter your email address and an email will be sent to you to reset your password. If you have trouble logging in or resetting your password, please email

You can apply to the scholarship multiple times. Please keep in mind the award maximums and the timeframe for use (see Question 11 below).

Please work with your AthLife Advisor to determine if/when you will need to apply for additional scholarship awards.

As long as your applications do not exceed the maximum award amount per calendar year ($5,000 for vocational programs, $20,000 for undergraduate & graduate programs) as set forth in Question 11, multiple applications are allowed. However, the total award amount cannot exceed $20,000 in a calendar year. Please discuss the various Qualifying Programs you are considering with your AthLife Advisor to determine the best course of action and the appropriate time to apply.

Your eligibility for The Trust Scholarship is not impacted by use of other financial resources. You will need to notify The Trust of other funding assistance you receive. Please note that The Trust will only cover the balance remaining after grants are applied to your student account.

A Former Player is eligible to receive:

  • For undergraduate and graduate degrees, a Former Player may receive up to $20,000 (USD).
  • For qualified vocational institutions, technical programs and professional licensing programs, a Former Player may receive up to $5,000 (USD).

The Trust Scholarship Award Benefit covers tuition and mandatory school fees, only.  Books, room & board, registration fees, travel, late fees, school fines and parking are not a covered.  The Scholarship Award Benefit expires on December 15th of the calendar year in which you were awarded. Invoices must be received by The Trust no later than December 15th at 11:59PM ET..  Any unused or unapplied amounts do not extend or carry over beyond the expiration date.

There are several resources available to you as a former player to assist with the full cost of your education. Please consult with your AthLife Advisor to learn more about funding opportunities and related applications.

An eligible former player must receive their undergraduate degree before applying for a masters degree program.

You will receive an award notification letter via email from The Trust (not your AthLife Advisor). You must read and acknowledge your compliance with the terms and conditions of The Trust Scholarship Award Benefit to accept your award. A link to the terms and conditions will be provided in the email along with a deadline to accept your scholarship award. Please note that The Trust will use the email address provided in your application to inform you of the decision.

Please note that no award will be released from the Trust until invoices and grades are received. You must submit a copy of your official transcript to The Trust upon completion of your academic term. Once The Trust receives the copy of your transcript and the invoice for your upcoming term, The Trust will process the invoice for payment.

The scholarship award is paid by The Trust by corporate check and issued directly to the institution provided in your award notification letter. You will need to send your tuition bill to The Trust for payment. Please allow up to two weeks for payment. You should provide your invoice to The Trust for processing at least 30 days before the start of your program or 30 days from the date the program begins. The Trust reserves the right to decline paying for invoices that are not provided to the Trust at least fourteen (14) days prior to the payment deadline.

No. The Trust Scholarship award may only be applied to programs or classes that begin after the award notification date.

The Trust Scholarship Award Benefit and other Trust benefits are provided to eligible Former Players. As such, the beneficiary is solely responsible for completing all processes in order to receive any Trust benefit.

In addition to the requirements set forth in your award notification letter, to maintain award eligibility for future cycles, a Former Player must maintain a term GPA above a 2.0 (undergraduate) or a 3.0 term GPA (graduate), or will be subject to award cancellation. A Former Player must submit a copy of his official transcript for each previous semester before payments will be processed.