Contact The Trust to get the information form. You will be sent a pre-completed form to bring with you on your first visit to the YMCA.

Yes, to receive a membership through The Trust you have to have at least two credited seasons. However, if you have less than 2 credited seasons, contact the NFLPA Former Players Department.

Yes! Contact The Trust to enroll in and to receive a form to transfer the payment obligation.

No. The Trust YMCA benefit only covers eligible former players, therefore additional family memberships are at the player’s expense.

Basic membership access. Any additional services, such as personal trainers or child care, will be at the player’s expense.

This will vary dependent on your local YMCA’s terms and agreements. Contact your local Y for further information.

No. You need to bring The Trust’s registration form with you. Just contact The Trust to get the form you need.

Contact The Trust to find out if the new YMCA is participating in the program.

In order to fully activate your YMCA membership through The Trust, you need to go to the YMCA 4 times in the first month, and then continue going regularly. If something kept you from the gym for that first month, contact your Program Manager. If you do not have a Program Manager, contact The Trust.

Contact your Program Manager. If you do not have a Program Manager, contact The Trust.

Yes you are able to use Journey at your local YMCA, much like at any fitness facility.

Services can vary based on your YMCA. Please contact your local YMCA for more information about their services.