Arthritis Management With Weather Changes

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Arthritis an annoyance to manage with weather changes but can affect movement and quality of life when the temperature drops. Some studies have shown this may be caused by barometric pressure changes that affect joint capsule and synovial fluid that surrounds joint surfaces. With a drop in these temperatures, the fluid expands and makes the joints become stiffer to move and less flexible. Living and managing your arthritis with weather changes does not have to be a struggle nor do you have to change your lifestyle.

Here are several options for managing arthritis with weather changes:

  1. Completing a dynamic warm up first thing in the morning can help to warm up fluid in the joints; Moving your wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles in circles, moving slowly both clockwise and counterclockwise, is an easy way to implement a warm up.

  2. Utilize a hotpack to decrease joint sensitivity on days where the temperature takes a sudden drop (~10 degrees or more).

  3. Use joint sleeves and compression garments as workout accessories to keep the moving joints warm and aide with compression.

  4. Stretch over-used muscles and strengthen & activate larger muscle groups to take pressure off aggravated joints.

  5. Use alternative means of loading to stay fit. Pool workouts can effectively work power and explosiveness without impact from landing. You can use paddles and the resistance of the water to work these athletic qualities.

  6. Try hot yoga or spend time in a wet/dry sauna.

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