Upper Back & Neck Pain Relief: An EXOS Journey Guided Path

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If you have upper back or neck discomfort, you’re in the right place. You’re about to learn how to find some immediate relief and how to continue feeling good, with a combination of professional help and self-led exercises. Let’s start by understanding what’s at the root of the problem.  Proper mobility and stability are essential for your musculoskeletal system, or the support structure of your body, to work as it was designed. And when this system can’t work as it was designed, the body will compensate for itself, which eventually leads to very noticeable and persistent discomfort.  So to help you find long-term, sustainable relief, you must improve the overall mobility and stability of your pillar, and maintain those improvements with proper posture. This path will take around a month or so to complete, as you apply various lessons and then come back to proceed once you’re ready. Please be aware that this is general information and not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace a healthcare professional. If you experience pain while performing actions called out in this path please seek professional treatment.​

Log into your journey account to access this guided path as well as all of the other exclusive content. If you have not signed up with for your FREE Journey account, please contact The Trust at info@playerstrust.com or by calling 866-725-0063 who will connect you with a representative from EXOS. Always check with your doctor prior to starting any fitness routine. 

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