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Mental wellness can be just as important as physical. Having a healthy mindset can affect every aspect of your daily regimen, and is extremely important for your overall wellbeing. We’ve covered a lot of mindset tips over the past year on EXOS Healthy Lifestyle, providing tips and tricks to live a healthy lifestyle and put yourself in the best position to succeed. Check out a compilation of our best mindset posts below to improve your overall wellness:

Setting Smart Health Goals in 2017

  • The biggest FAIL when it comes to resolutions is setting big, long-term goals. People tend to set goals so large, that when they don’t achieve them within a certain period of time, they just quit. Set small weekly, or even daily goals. Goals as small as, "I will eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day", or "I will be active for 30 minutes today." Read More » 

    Every Day Is Game Day
  • “To say that Athletes’ Performance changed my life would be an understatement” - Marcus Luttrell, Navy SEAL and author of the bestselling Lone Survivor. In order to be a high performer, you have to understand what your “IT” is. What is the unique goal that you are striving for? This will be personal and different for everyone. The goal could be to improve your family’s relationship, your health, friendships or career. Read More »

    The New Science of Stress 
  • Over the past two consecutive years the American Philological Association have found that over 25% of Americans are suffering from a high level of stress, self-reporting an 8 or above on a 10 point scale. 50% of the population has reported moderate stress levels (self-reported 4-7) over the past two years as well. The Science of Stress is a series of educational videos and content to help you understand and manage your stress. Read More »

    5 Mental Benefits of Exercise
  • Getting moving again, as we already know, has a major effect on our physical health. But it also hugely affects our mental status and there are many great benefits from exercise! 1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety Working out can greatly increase norepinephrine, one of the body’s natural occurring hormones that affects your bodies response to stress. Also, the release of endorphins improves your mood, and in some clinical cases has been used to treat depression. Read More »

    5 Mindset Rules to Stay Fit For Life
  • Bodies change as they age and deal with adversity. For former players who have been retired for several seasons, it is important to understand the new challenges that can accompany an active lifestyle and the importance of incorporating movement into your daily life. Read More »

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