4 Tips To Overcome Procrastination


How many times do you feel you have been reminded to avoid procrastination? Even with reminders, we can all admit that we have been putting things off since about the first grade. Delaying to finish a task is common in our busy lives, whether it is studying, finishing projects, making breakfast, getting out of bed, taking the dogs outside, cleaning, etc. Procrastination comes from our minds, so we must learn how to train our minds to achieve what we need to do each day. Listed below are some ideas to finally help you avoid procrastination: 

Rank Your Priorities — Every morning, get up and make a list of what you need to accomplish in the day. If studying is most important, then get that out of the way first. Ranking your priorities will not only help with procrastination, but it will also show you how to master time management. Plus, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in a day and still have free time!

Ask Yourself, “Why Am I Procrastinating?” — Yes, this does seem too simple, but it will help you understand why you are procrastinating. Maybe it is because you do not understand the directions or you are distracted by other responsibilities. Whatever it is, asking yourself this question will make you confront your distractions. You then can take a moment to reflect on those distractions and remove/minimize them.

What Environment Are You In? — Are you trying to work in front of your TV, at your friend’s house, or Starbucks? True, some people can work under these conditions, but it’s not meant for everyone. You might have to remove all electronics to complete your work, but at least know why you are procrastinating and how you can fix it. Consider having a home office where you can shut the door and have time to focus on your work.

Split Up Your Time! — We sometimes procrastinate because we feel that we have so much to complete. Consider splitting up your time when you have a bigger project. Maybe you have a paper to write; try working on it for an hour and then take a break and go back to work. When we split up our time, this also allows us to clear our minds and refresh ourselves. When we try to cram projects into one setting, we often let small details slip through.