How to Create A Habit

Creating a new habit can be life changing, but we can all agree that it is not easy. Some people are able to create a new habit overnight, but for most, there are steps that have to be taken. Forming a new habit will be tough and there will be battles, but if you work though them, a habit will be made. Listed below are steps to take in creating a habit that can better your career, education and life.

Friendly Reminder

Motivation. Remember that motivation is key when looking to create a habit. Ask yourself why you started and how will this habit change your daily life? Staying focused on the long term results will help you stick with your new habit. Maybe you want to stay current with the real estate industry to help you further your career. Remember the benefits that could come from knowing the most updated trends and information.

Think of the Future

Each day, visualize where you will be in five years if you stick with your new habit. Look at the benefits of winning the battle on the days you want give up. If you want to finish your bachelor’s or master’s degree think of what that accomplishment will do for you in the future. Completing your degree could help you obtain your dream job or help advance you at your current job.

Realize Obstacles

Let’s say you want to make better grades, take the time to think of all the obstacles that could affect your school work and create a plan to overcome them. Planning ahead could save you from below average work. Consider using a monthly planner to write down dates that papers are due and when exams are scheduled and plan accordingly.

Peer Pressure

No, not the type of peer pressure that will make you do something you will later regret. This is the peer pressure to hold you accountable. Consider letting your friends or family know what habit you are trying to create and ask them to hold you accountable. This will be beneficial because you will have a second party to help keep you motivated and accountable.

Remove Discouragement

Nothing is more disheartening then when you get poor results. Keep in mind, results do not happen overnight. It will take time for your new habit to stick. If you let discouragement in, it will harm your will to keep going. For example, you wanted to network and meet five people at work each month, but you only met two. Do not get discouraged! You can make it up the next month and meet more people. Keep moving forward and you will create a habit.

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