Establishing A Fitness Routine: An EXOS Journey Guided Path

Workout Routine

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Establishing a strong fitness routine can seem like an inconvenient, uncomfortable feat. But with the right approach, fitness can be an enjoyable experience that works within your busy schedule. The EXOS Guided Path will show you how to get there. Highlighted in the path, the trained specialists help you get your bearings and keep you moving in the right direction. And as you get ideas, you can do some experimenting with different types of exercise to see what works best for you.  If you’re persistent and apply what you learn for a few months, fitness will likely become habit you won’t want to kick. Let’s start by covering one of the most common hurdles: finding time to get active.

Every part of your fitness routine experience matters, and it starts with convenience — what it takes to even begin your workout. Make it fun. We were born to play. It awakens creativity and energy like no other activity. It’s good for us in all kinds of ways — mentally, physically, and socially.

Spoiler alert — this will be easier than you think. 

Log into your journey account to access this guided path as well as all of the other exclusive content. If you have not signed up with for your FREE Journey account, please contact The Trust at or by calling 866-725-0063 who will connect you with a representative from EXOS. Always check with your doctor prior to starting any fitness routine. 

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