What Our Dads Taught Us

Father Lessons

With Father’s Day just a few days away, this Financial Finesse writer shares the valuable teachings the Financial Finesse team learned from their fathers, which can be taught in your home.

My dad is from Guyana and he stressed the importance of education in the U.S. He told me that my ability to grow my income will be based in part by finishing my degree - the rest is up to how hard I work.

As a dad who stresses the importance of education AND hard work (either one alone will not suffice), I totally agree with this dad’s advice. My kids have heard countless times that they are expected to do well in school and expected to put forth effort in all things they attempt to accomplish. This dad’s advice should be universally accepted as true wisdom.

Dad didn’t always say a lot, but he set a great example with how he prioritized his time.  He got to work early, was home on time for dinner with the family and helped us with homework if we needed it, then he went back to work until the job was done. If we had a ballgame or a concert, he adjusted his schedule to make sure to be there and he loved going to sporting events with me and my brother so he made that a priority as well.

Again, this is timeless wisdom from a dad who put family first. If more dads followed this path, perhaps we wouldn’t have many of the issues we see in this country today.

Mostly about being in a desperate situation or feeling down-trodden: 1 - You can’t fall off the floor. 2 - They can’t take away your birthday.

One of my favorite sentiments, this dad was all about the power of resilience. Resilience is a key trait in those who I’ve seen reach a high level of success. It’s what can keep a person moving forward toward a goal when most rational people would fold.

Have a firm handshake as it shows confidence.

A timeless pearl of wisdom, right there! A firm handshake and the ability to look someone in the eyes when holding a conversation sometime feel like “the way things used to be” rather than what I see in today’s higher tech world.

My dad was the one who taught me about how little changes add up. For example, when our credit union introduced debit cards back in the late 90’s, they were paying members $.25 PER TRANSACTION to encourage use of the card over checks. My dad was like, “Hot diggity, this is free money for spending money you’re already spending! You have to do this!” This was my first foray into taking advantage of rewards programs, discounts, etc, but ONLY on things I was going to buy anyway. I learned to be practical and frugal from my dad.

This dad should be a Financial Finesse blogger!!!

Your work ethic is something nobody can ever take away from you, so work hard and let it speak for you. It will take you further than your talent alone can and past the majority of people who aren’t willing to work as hard.

This reminds me of the first dad's advice about education and effort. It kind of brings the list of dad tips full circle.

What I love about this list of tidbits from dads is that the children who received this advice ended up being successful adults and working here at Financial Finesse. Every single item on the list is also reminiscent of what my grandfather taught me as a child or something that my kids have heard from me. None of these items seem like a “get rich quick” kind of message. It’s definitely a lot of tortoise and not much hare. If you absorb the messages from Financial Finesse’s dad squad, you are certain to be thankful this Father’s Day.

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