4 No-Cost Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year. I get to enjoy endless samplings of every chocolate dessert imaginable, while spending time with the people I love. How can it get any better?

Paying it forward

I feel so lucky to have my wonderful family, friends, a place to sleep and food to eat. Many people do not have these luxuries. I encourage everyone to take the time to slow things down, spend more time with the people you love and consider these ways to give back during this holiday season:

1) Start in your own backyard. For people without friends or family, the holidays can be lonely. Consider inviting your elderly next-door neighbor or co-worker without family over for dinner. The dinner could be simple, even pizza, but it could mean the world to someone who has no family or friends.

2) Consider visiting a nursing home. When we visited a nursing home, just the presence of our children brightened their day. Have the kids make homemade Christmas cards. You would be surprised by how much this means to people who have not gotten gifts from kids in decades, if ever. If you have no kids, sitting down and having a conversation with someone in a nursing home can make their day just as much.

3) Send greeting cards to soldiers. So this one may cost you a few dollars for a card and/or stamps, but if you already send holiday cards, just add a few soldiers to your list. When I was in the Army, some of the hardest days were during the holidays when I could not go home. Getting a Christmas card from anyone made my day. Contact Operation We Are Here, The Red Cross, or your local military base for more information.

4) Volunteer to help a neighbor. Do you know of a struggling single parent? Volunteer to watch their children and give them a break. Do you live near an elderly person or someone that has mobility issues? If so, I am sure there things you can help them with like household projects or even shopping.

Don’t think you have nothing of value to offer. For many, a kind smile and words are priceless. However you can, consider giving back during the holidays.

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