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The way you view food can have a direct impact on the choices you make. Make nutrition a simple priority in your life with the help of these tips: 

  • Keys to Reading a Nutrition Label 
    • Knowing exactly what you're putting in your body can be overwhelming. Learn how to read a nutrition label so you can easily find the healthiest options during your next trip to the grocery store.
  • 5 Tips to Simplify Nutrition 
    • Have you learned how to read a nutrition label, but you're still having a hard time making good choices when it comes to eating? Simplifying your nutrition-related tasks can help! 
  • Smart Eating Tips for Dining Out
    • Eating out can be a tempting occasion when it comes to food choices. Use these tips to figure out the best way to navigate restaurant menus and make your next restaurant visit a success.
  • Clean Eating: What is the 80/20 Rule?
    • It's a challenge to eat perfectly all of the time, and putting that pressure on yourself can lead to unhealthy habits. Adopt the 80/20 mindset to create a sustainable balance and keep a handle on your nutrition without overthinking it. 

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