scheduled workout

The decision to move your body is all about habits and rituals. Often times we just don’t feel like it – we tend to give ourselves a lot of reasons and excuses when making this decision. This varies from feeling tired, lacking time in your schedule or the warmth of the bed sounding better than getting up.

So, how do we know if today is the day to exercise, or if it's a day for physiological and psychological recovery? Sometimes recovery can mean full rest and sometimes recovery is simply enjoying a hobby or activity.

We suggest trying the eight minute decision maker. The eight minute decision maker begins by simply starting. It does not matter your choice of exercise; inside, outside, class, equipment or otherwise. Just begin. Once you begin allow yourself eight minutes; Set your timer. When the eight minutes are up, if you still feel like doing what you’re doing, than continue. If you do not, than give yourself the freedom and permission to stop. And, stop immediately. Today is not the day for this particular exercise, proceed, instead, with your next order of business for the day.

It does not matter if it’s morning, afternoon or evening. If, after eight minutes and no more than ten minutes, your mind and body decide this is not the day, than listen. This simple process will offer you quick and sound decision making and turn off the excess anxiety about whether you exercised today or not. Keep in mind why you like to stay healthy and fit, not the number of calories you burned on the latest exercise fad.

Please note: The eight minute rule works best once exercise or activity is a habit and ritual in your life. This can be defined as having been doing this consistently for a minimum of twenty one days and more likely up to sixty six days. Once you are in habit mode, the eight minute rule will put you in the right frame of mind allowing yourself the freedom of choice.