Spring Ahead With Exercise & Mindset

Tip Content Provided By: EXOS

It’s that time of year again for many of us. The weather begins to get warmer, we receive more sunlight, and the world begins to bloom into spring. This is the perfect time of year to continue the focus on you and your personal growth. Use these tips to spring ahead with your exercise and mindset: 

  • Take your training sessions outside. You don’t always have to be locked away in a gym to get a good workout in. Get out and enjoy the sounds and smells of your neighborhood. Supplement one or two workouts outside and do some trail hiking or biking. This also gives you personal time to reflect back on yourself, your goals, your progress, and plan your next step.

  • Take your friends or family with you. Again, the weather and daylight are improving. Even through everyone’s busy schedule, you can now have that extra hour in the afternoon to get outside. You will still have sunlight, and the weather is wonderful. Take in the amazing views of the sunsets or grab a friend/family member for a good game of catch, shoot some basketball, bike, hike, or have a good old game of hide and seek.

  • Do something relaxing. Some people may find some form of mediation with building and maintaining a garden. Others may enjoy a good afternoon hammock nap. This is a great time of year to enjoy the weather and work on that pillar of success – RECOVERY.

  • Unplug from life! Many of us are connected to our devices way more than we need to be. This is the perfect time of year to unplug from life a little. Get outside and EXPLORE, you will be surprised on how it will affect your mood and your relationships.