Rethinking Legacy: Using Journaling to Connect With Your Kids

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What do you think when you hear or read the term legacy? Some may think about property and money left behind from a loved one to another; and some think about a famous individual who has accomplished much in their lifetime or a talented athlete that will be remembered for his or her playing abilities. These are indeed ways you can leave a legacy on the world, but what about leaving a legacy for your children that benefits them mentally and emotionally?

In recent years, publications like Huffington Post, Business Insider and Forbes have discussed the benefits associated with journaling for both adults and children. Yes, journaling. Some of those benefits include improved communication skills, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and other physical health pros. More than that, if you commit to keeping a journal and sharing it with your kids, you have an opportunity to tell your story and connect with your child in the process; sharing teachable moments that can have a lasting impression on your kids. Kids often learn from watching, so what your kids see you do, they do. You can use journaling as a way to talk about difficult subjects and emotions, keep score of your life through goals and accomplishments or just freestyle while spending quality time with your kids. That’s what it’s really about - leaving a legacy that is positive and foundational for their success in the future. The best part about journaling and teaching your kids how to express his or herself through journaling is, you are creating a better you and ultimately becoming a better parent. Remember, kids learn at home first.  It’s time we start leaving legacies our kids can inherit that could be more valuable as property or monetary items.

Unlike a will or a last letter, your journal can be something you share at any moment of your living days. Your life lessons, wins, loses and personal stories can be shared and cherished with your kids now - not later. While journaling, you can always have your life goals and accomplishments to reference. Completing an undergraduate degree or higher, is something very important to let your kids see.  Show them how to create healthy habits of expression. There are multiple ways of educating, I find this way to be unique, creative and safe. 

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