Best of: Healthy Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving doesn’t mean your health goals and cleaning eating have to fail. With expert advice from the professionals at Cleveland Clinic, become more informed so you can make healthy holiday choices.

  • The Ultimate Thanksgiving Meal Makeover
    • A delicious but healthy Thanksgiving meal is possible, your menu might just need a makeover. With a little extra planning and a few tweaks and substitutions no one will even notice, your holiday will be much healthier.
  • Step-by-Step Guide to a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving
    • Holidays aren’t worth sacrificing your or a loved one’s health. A gluten-free Thanksgiving meal can be just as tasty as a traditional dinner. Learn how to make a delicious feast – minus the gluten.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner: Serve This, Not That
    • The Thanksgiving foods we love are extremely high in fat and calories. Want to serve a heart-healthy menu? Use these tips and learn what to serve and what to skip.
  • Holidays Best Time to Chart Your Family Health History
    • Knowledge of your family’s health history can aid in early diagnosis and treatment. With your family all together for Thanksgiving, it may be a great time to get educated on your family history. These 4 steps are a great approach to get you started.
  • Understanding the Labels on Your Thanksgiving Turkey
    • There’s a lot to consider when choosing your Thanksgiving turkey. Before you head to the grocery store, use this guide with 7 tips on navigating labels.

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